Hey, my last enlarger for sale! (I hope...) An extremely nice and clean 23CII-XL with a Schneider 50/4 lens and a spare lensboard with 39mm retaining ring. Comes with carriers for 35mm (8053), 6x7 (8070, and 645 (8048) all in virtually perfect condition. And heck I'll even throw in a nice working classic Time-O-Lite timer and a nice set of 3.5x3.5 inch Ilford Multigrade filters.

The enlarger baseboard has one tiny ding back near the supports and one bump on the edge near the right front, otherwise very good. Some gaffer's tape glue in a couple of spots on the supports. Oh, and the previous owner was apparently very VERY serious about the head not swinging out of adjustment side to side and ran some extra screws and washers in that area (see pic).

All for $50, that's a real bargain! I'd very much like to sell it locally (say, somewhere between Chicago to Milwaukee) if I'm driving it, or to anyone willing to drive to Grayslake or Northbrook to pick it up. Failing that, I'll consider shipping it at whatever it costs me in UPS, you pay of course. It just takes me forever to package it securely for shipping and I'd like to avoid that since I'm not charging for it :-)

Questions or need more pics, just PM me...