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I am 60 now and have played music since I was about 6, playing professionally, on and off, from age 14, and like MetaGeorge, music is very visual for me. I see scales, keys, timbre, rhythm, timbre, everything.

But for me a photograph is a glimpse into silence, even photographs of scenes that are noisy. I have never associated music with anything visual, not painting, sculpture, photography, nothing.

And I never listen to music in the darkroom. It is either silence or talk radio. After a long session, I often play some music (not a recording, I mean an instrument) to relax.

Now I am not saying this is better and I don't really understand why a musician would be like this, but there it is. I leave it up to someone smarter than I to figure it out.
It's interesting to see a couple of involved musos visualising music.

I'm very fond of music, although not a player. I would not listen to music in the darkroom, but certainly in performance and via the CD player, where concentration is required.

Synaesthesia may not be rare in non-visual arts; Scriabin in music and Nabokov in literature were afflicted (?) in a similar manner.

I understand that Ansell Adams was a pianist, perhaps he will offer his thoughts from beyond the grave.

"After a long session, I often play some music"

In my case today, alas via CD, Rautavaara's 7th and 8th Symphonies, highly recommended.

Regards - Ross