I too received my first order of PX-100 on Friday. My experience with the stuff has been a bit "unique" though.

When I got it I loaded it into my old SX-70 camera right away. I haven't used the thing since about 1998 and its been sitting on a dusty shelf all that time so I suppose I shouldn't have been shocked when the camera didn't come to life. The electronics were totally dead.

I thought about jumping on ebay and spending an arm and a leg for a new one (the prices are so inflated right now) but instead I decided to load it in a basic 600 One Step camera instead. I put a layer of scotch tape on the sensor to act as a neutral density filter and just covered the flash bar with my hand.

What can I say? I'm impatient...

Believe it or not but I like the results I got. I'm at work as I type this so I can't post my scanned results but if you have a Facebook account and you search my name: Andrew Kaiser or my e-mail: arealitystudios@gmail.com you can see my first attempt.

It was also pouring down rain when I took my first few images so the film got a little wet and it got stuffed in a wet pocket which affected the outcome. I rather loved the whole experience actually with the environment affecting my images. It felt right in line with the spirit of instant photography. I think the sepia-ish tones are really lovely too and very unique. Not quite like anything I've ever seen and I don't think my scanner could ever do it justice. I hope future runs of the film don't loose this quality.

I think there is room for improvement for sure but for now I will enjoy the remaining shots I have and will no doubt buy more when I run out.