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So a few more comments... I do have one fear for this film at the moment. I'm afraid that people who are on the fence about analog photography, but having heard all the "hubbub" about the Impossible Project might buy it, use it, and be like... "whoa, analog film sucks." The lomography folks on the other hand will probably relish in it's lo-fi look, but it doesn't necessarily, at the moment, say much for the quality that is achievable with analog photographic processes. This is my only pessimistic feeling on the subject however.
I hear you on that. I'm affraid it will appeal to the lomo crowd who will be frustrated when their $3 a shot film looks like crap. I'm hoping that Impossible is planning on producing two lines from film, arty like PX100 FF and another for Polaroid that is less arty and more "normal." I hear Lady GaGA has invested her own money in Polaroid so I would assume they are planning something big.