Some of you may remember me from a few years back when I used to be more active shooting LF B&W landscapes, but in the last few years I have been living and working in Afghanistan and shooting on a long-term photo project provisionally named 'Russians and Royals'. It has not been shot on LF of course, but it is all film.

I have been gradually adding to the project to the point at which it is 80% complete and so I am happy to show the work if anyone is interested.

When I have time and the photography is done, I will write about the experience to add words to the pictures. For this sort of project it is important because Afghanistan is often not what people expect and there are many issues that are invisible to those outside of the country.

The outline concept of the project is to look at how ordinary Afghans are variously coping with the current era against a backdrop of the past. For the backdrop I chose prominent, iconic sites associated with the Russian and Royal periods, each with distinctive legacies which continue to affect life today, both positively and negatively.

I shot in very close radius to these four sites, most of which are in the center of Kabul, in some cases close to Parliament and all of which are well known to most Afghans. You might even say that the scenes witnessed at these locations, even their continued physical existences, invites commentary on the current conflict and offers insight into efforts to rehabilitate the country. I could spend a lifetime photographing this one theme, but expect to leave later this summer. I suspect I will be back at some point!

The site is at: