i have no experience with 105 2,8 micro, but my 105 2,5 it's a stellar lens, i only wish it was faster, to me 2,5 itīs not that fast sometimes.
I've been using it as all round lens and its performance is good from close distance to infinity, but i think it shines working with close distances and for a non macro 105mm lens being able to focus a bit less than 1 meter is more than adequate for almost any subject, apart from typical macro stuff.
I think it depens if you are planning to do heavy macro stuff but if its not your case a 105mm 2,5 will do the job almost any time, and you can purchase an extension tube for those macro moments and use it with any other lens aswell. You will save money and get an astonishing performer.
I would only substitute my 105mm 2,5 for something faster, knowing i would lose the sharpest nikorr lens in my bag.