I sent my cards last week but there may be a problem Houston.... :-(

One of the ladies working the P.O. counter brought out a device for measuring letters and whatnot...long story short...my cards were smaller than the measuring thingy's opening.

At that point she said I would have to add 4 dollars more postage onto every freaking card...!!! (she didn't say freaking) And more for the international ones. Gasp!

So then I bit back some well chosen statements filling my head as I should as a nice Canadian....finally my slippery comeback was "I've never had a problem before!"...to which the PO lady said ominously, "oh well, try and send them then". Which I did.

Bottom line. If for "some reason" my cards don't make their way to all of you, (on my list) please tell me. Or if (oh the horror) your P.O. asks you to pay postage on my cards, please refuse them and let me know ASAP. That way I can re-do and re-send all my cards, sob! (by the way, I paid the postage to receive one persons card this round, bizarre!)

Sorry for the longish sob story...I was totally freaked out and unprepared for this!