I have both, obtaining the Nikkor 105mm/2.5 about 25 years ago, and the Micro Nikkor 105mm/2.8 2 years ago. While both are excellent lens, they are different in some regards. The Micro is heavier, which doesn't bother me for close ups as often I am using a tripod anyway, however, for all around use, would be annoying. The regular 105/2.5 also seems to be faster to focus, and for non close ups, my first choice in this focal length.

So, for me, the Micro is mainly used for its close up ability. I have not compared regular photos side by side, since I doubt that for regular use there would be a significant difference. Also, I have few shots, other than close ups, with the Micro.

I added the 105mm Micro to my older 55mm Micro because I liked it so much. Would like to get the 200mm Micro next

My 2 cents.