Good to hear, Tom. I've got to shoot every day, so maybe I'll use this thread to announce where I'll be shooting on some Saturdays and Sundays through the summer. Would love it if people chime in and offer to meet up. If we get a few people on any particular weekend, we can always decide to switch the location if someone else has a better idea.

So for lack of anything better at this point, I'll say I'll be shooting down at Harbourfront on this Sunday. It's going to be warm and sunny and there might be some boats on the water. I'll be at the coffee shop by the 'wave deck' at noon if anyone wants to meet up then. I'm planning on shooting around the area until about 4pm or so. Some possibilities include jumping on the ferry or heading over to the Island Airport to see the new terminal.

Meetup coordinates are 43.639, -79.385 at 12 noon, April 11th at the coffee pub by the wave deck. I'll PM the usual suspects and hopefully they will reply here so we can figure out how many can make it. I'll be shooting 4x5, so it'll be leisurely. There's plenty of lot parking in the area.

The attachment shows the wave deck I took back in January.