Phil Davis in conjunction with the View Camera store is organizing a workshop for the BTZS method to be held in July in Flagstaff, AZ.

As many here know, I had to eat some crow and admit that once the testing is done the BTZS is a wonderful method to get correct exposures. While I was corresponding with Phil, he mentioned his traveling days might be over. I don't know if he will continue to teach the system in his home town, but I think for those living on the west coast this might be the last time to learn and experience the system straight from the creator. Phil is a wonderful person and a very patient instructor, if you wish to learn how to make the best possible negatives don't miss this opportunity.

Those interested can contact the View Camera Store at

Or Phil Davis at:

And no. I am not getting a kickback, Phil has been very helpfull and patient with my questions so I am trying to return the favor.