The lack of back tilt was the reason I went with the Shen-hao rather than the 45CF when I was buying a new 4x5 a while back. I wasn't really put off by the construction quality of the Toyo (I don't tend to abuse my equipment much, and the CF seemed like it would take everyay handling just fine).

There were a lot of negative comments on the camera when it first came to market. I don't know how much of that was due to the bugs being shaken out of a new(ish) design versus the perception of the build quality. Canon's made billions building 35mm bodies out of cheaper plastics; I have no doubt that the CF would be a good choice if you can live with the limitations it imposes and if you don't expect it to handle a lot of abuse. But be sure you can live without the back tilt; it's one of my most-used movements for landscape and macro work and I wouldn't own a view camera without it.