I bought a 23C III VC head with the intention of putting it on my 23C II. Doesn't fit. Beseler wanted $600 for the pieces to adapt it. Now, they might be wrong and you probably can do it for cheaper, but this isn't a project for me right now. I've decided I'm sticking with my setup until (a big if) I buy a different enlarger. I'm not tricking this one out any more.

It looks to be in great shape. But the bulb is broken. I don't particularly want to spend $20 on the bulb just to see it get broken when I ship it. If the unit for some reason totally doesn't work with a new bulb, we can work something out.

I paid $175 for (with fees and shipping). I'd like to get $150 back but will entertain offers.

3% to APUG.