Well this is the text of the e-mail I posted to Vanbar yesterday:

Dear Mr. Baranow,

May I add myself to the list of those who believed that you were no longer supplying raw chemistry.

My basis for this understanding was the response from the Camperdown branch when I went in to order some sodium thiosulphate: they said that there were to be no more raw chemicals available, Mario had left and no-one else was willing to package these materials.

May I suggest that you make the position clear asap, as many will be sourcing from other suppliers as I have needed to.

There is a thread, started by me I'm afraid but based on the Vanbar Camperdown response, on the APUG internet forum, which could be a opportune place to clarify the situation.


Many thanks for the faith that you have shown in traditional photographic technology, I guess that we become ever more niche.

Ross Chambers
Blue Mountains
New South Wales


I'm buggered if I know what's going on. no reply as yet, I wish I knew. If this is indeed a niche market (chemistry) of an even more niche market (analogue photography) and is not one to be prudently pursued in commercial terms by our friends (no sarcasm intended, I've always found them to be valuable allies) at Vanbar I can understand.

I'd just like to know so as to figure out the next best approach, and to not be guilty of spreading rumours.

Regards - Ross