What's your budget? That will dictate how close you can get to the "real final thing".

It's a lot more work than just throwing some of the gel into a Raman, UV-Vis, or IR spectrophotometer. There's going to be elemental analysis with ICP or ICP-MS, some liquid or perhaps gas chromatography, some physical properties (like pH, volatile solids, viscosity and density), as well as purification steps needed to separate interfering compounds from what the test is looking for. And then someone will need to be paid to look at the data and piece it all together.

I used to dread the lunchtime phonecall at the lab (they always seems to come in between 12:15 and 12:30 for some reason) where someone thought they could save some money and make their own (fill in the blank household product) and the would call the lab and ask if we could deconstruct the item and tell them how to make it. Everyone seems to think there is some sort of Star Trek Tricorder that we just put the stuff in and the computer would tell us what was in it, and how to make it. They always seemed shocked when we would tell them it would cost hundreds of dollars to get a basic idea, and then more if we needed a more exact answer. They would usually hang up at that point...

Having worked in a commercial chemistry lab, I would expect to spend on the order of $1500 to $2500 to get a pretty close ballpark. Getting the real, final, thing will probably take 5 or 10 times more money... The more precise you want it, the more it's going to cost.