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I agree, but it's a crappy way for people to live. Investment companies are only interested in shuffling papers around, what happens if the investment company wakes up and finds that Ilford Imaging can make them a quick little profit if they sell the scrap metal and the real estate? People made better wealth in the past by employing people and making products than the robber barons of this century are making corporate raids. The people of the industrialized world deserve the financial instability we have now because we have let the giant corporate culture evolve. The people in developing counties deserve what they WILL get when the same corporations forsake them. Hopefully we will have a giant solar storm and everybody will be directly responsible for their own needs and welfare. Corporate savvy and paper shuffling will have no value then....EC
Been there, done that. The company I work for was a management buy out and went through two sets of venture capitalists in fairly quick succession. It works, but its not a good long term strategy. They want "Paper Value", and this is often at the cost of long term prospects. We were relieved when a big, "evil multinational" bought us. They understood what we were about, and they are looking Looooong term. Now its time to rebuild the damage the financial vultures wrought.

Actually the financial wizzkids will be looking longterm ATM, as the rate of return on buying a company, and building it up will be a hell of a lot better than gambling on the markets. We may be seeing a bit more proper investment now. One hopes so anyway