Kirk and Keith , You are right , I was thinking gas chromatography was needed and it is expensive.

My friend - I am not sure he wants to be revealed - is an inventor and made good money from his reverse engineering work.

It depends on his decision .

I made reverse engineering of zildjian cymbals with the decision of US based spectrometer manufacturer and learned tons of things and wrote everything to the cymbalholic com as much as I understood from chemistry.

I think he will not openly discuss these results also.

But may be. Let me write him.

If I am not wrong , there is a huge research is going on at identification from signuteres automatically
Let me learn the budget and turn back to you to learn what can be possibly done with this money.

I wrote to Polaroid and Impossible Project to send me their internal papers if they can

I will turn back to you after the discussion.

Thank you.