Hi everyone,

So you've probably seen Luigi's leather half-cases at Leicatime.com that all the Leica snobs (just kidding) have. Well, I'll be damned, but I want one. However I couldn't possibly justify the cost, and I'm guessing a fair share of you wouldn't either.

Also, I don't have a rangefinder, which is what this market seems almost exclusively geared towards. And although they do make SLR cases, they never pop up on the used market.

I also ran across the cases at Japanexposures.com. Also fairly nice, and more reasonably priced. But again, rangefinders.

What is an SLR guy to do? I know these companies offer custom jobs, and leicatime definitely does a Canon F-1 (which is what I'm looking for), but I want more options. Don't you!?

If you know some resources, please list them,


P.S. I actually have an EF, but it's the same body as the old F-1. And I have the half-case, but as with all of the old Canon cases, they deteriorate badly. Plus it's bulky as all get out. Did they ever make a sleeker half case for the F-1/EF?