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I'm heading out to Phili for a workshop at the end of May so I'm going to be busy - probably won't be able to make the whole weekend but I sure miss everyone (especially our most gracious hosts!!!) and will figure out a way to make it for at least one day/night. Thanks so much (and I've been voting for CVNP ALMOST every day =)

Click HERE to vote for (and send a little $ to) Cuyahoga Valley National Park - which has been so good to our group!

Thank you so much for the kind words and making time to come visit. What is the workshop? We can all drool even if we arenít at that level or canít afford time or money.

Thanks for the reminder about the CVNP $5,000 grant. For those not aware of it, here is earlier text. Please help fund the place we enjoy.

The second place park is beginning to catch up. Unless we vote and vote every day (I know, such a bother, but it is a free $5K).

Here is the earlier post and the details.

"We have the opportunity to give something back without it costing us a dime. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park has a chance to win a $5,000 grant if they can get more votes than four other parks. Our photo hikes plus all the other people who use the park could gain from this. Dolly and I would be grateful if you read the following and hit the vote button often. We have also asked the same of our Hiking Hounds group. Every vote can pay.


John & Dolly Powers"

No money, just one vote a day

CVNPA is a candidate for a $5,000 grant from Tourism Cares, which has created an initiative called Save Our Sites, a grant opportunity specifically focused on national parks.

We are in competition with four other national parks for this grant. Our grant
will support scholarships for students who otherwise could not afford to attend our nationally renowned Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center. Please help us win this $5,000 competition! Help area school children experience Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

Here's what you need to do: between now and May 14, 2010 vote ONCE A DAY, every day. It's a fast and easy way to help CVNPA fund our great environmental education programs.

The park with the most votes by May 15 wins! Ask your friends to help too!