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Well, I'm interested only in a half case. I want something with a pleasing tactile quality that assists in gripping the camera, i.e. leather. An action grip would be bonus points.

Also, to be vain for a moment, I want something of beautiful leather that will age nicely & complement this beautiful mechanism.

Thanks though, cheers!
This may not appeal to you, but it does work:

I was in the same boat as you, but with an Olympus OM2: the vinyl half-case had deteriorated badly and no replacements were available at the time (though, later, I did find a couple of -used, but in very good order- genuine leather replacements).

What I did was to go to one of those craft places that caters for the ladies by selling all things to do with sewing, soft furnishings etc etc. (There are two such chains in Oz: "Spotlight" and "Lincraft".

They have a wide selection of felt pieces in a large variety of colours and in several thicknesses, also "craft" glue, which sets quickly and can be used as a "contact adhesive".

I picked out some felt in a suitable colour, and cut it to size and shape (several pieces of differing size and shape needed to be made up in order to cover the entire job). Then I applied a generous coating of the craft glue both to the deteriorating surface of the half-case and to one side of each of the felt shapes in turn (as used). I then waited for the glue to go tacky and carefully fitted the felt to the half-case, working it into place firmly with my fingers. The beauty of felt is that it will both stretch and shrink, as required, to fit beautifully where needed.

At this point, the felt was already firmly in place but, just to make sure, I used clothes pegs as clamps around the edges to make sure they would continue to stay in place until the glue dried out overnight.

This has resulted in a one-of-a-kind, lightweight, springy, almost indestructible half-case in a pleasing colour and texture, which is still in use despite my having acquired two genuine replacement leather Olympus ever-ready cases to be used, when needed. It feels very good in the hands.

When I applied the felt to the original form/case I cut out holes (in the felt) so the original press studs from the rest of the ever-ready case (the flap or hood, which was still in pretty good shape) were still operational. So, I can (and do) still use the whole thing as originally intended.