Hi, Adam. I type this while looking at your site on another browser tab.

First, on your home page, you have some portrait oriented photographs that are stretched to fit the landscape photograph windows. Need to fix that.

On your gallery main page. What's with
Throws off the viewer big time. Might want to rethink that layout and the purpose for that hyperlink. Go with text or the images. The two do not mix.

Now this is a personal thing because of the way I learned to compose. Some of the Cabo photographs seem like they could have included more or been tightened up. I say that to say this. And I do the same for myself. BE YOUR OWN WORST CRITIC. I have shots that I like and am proud of. But I look at them in a purely objective light and find that not many people would like to look at it. If it were an art/vision kind of website then the old 'That's what I want on there' train of thought would fly. But if you're selling, put only your ABSOLUTE BEST on there so when someone comes on, they don't see a few awesome shots surrounded by a bunch of good photographs. Better to have fewer AWESOME photographs than to have many GOOD shots.

Technical. "All the images seen, here, were taken with a camera." If you're gonna have a technical section then include some actual info. And if this is intended to be a professional site, edit your punctuation, as well as everything else.

"All about Adam." Leave a Reply. Doesn't show the browsing customer what they hit that link for.

"Other services I can supply. Leave a Reply.

Your FAQ is redundant. They can click on How to Buy.

You say you're three quarters done. There is still some work to do. I do like the layout direction that your site is taking. Nice background choice. Easy navigation. But it needs some work, not just fine tuning. Fine tooth comb it. If this is to be a professional site, it needs to be professional in every appearance. But keep going. I think you have the right idea.