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I'm going out to the Michael and Paula Vision & Technique workshop - after which my buddy Richard and I are going to spend a couple of days in and around Centralia, PA.

I have only one request - I've yet to make it to Jeff's Ice Cream Central - can someone show me the way? I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

I have heard wonderful things about that workshop. My own experience was with a critique from them at the Toronto APUG meeting as well as a half day with Michael talking up Azo. Except for the egos, very healthy feedback and useful information.

Warning if you are a heavy meat eater, Paula cooks vegetarian and I hear very well. If you need meat, better get a burger on the way.

As to the ice cream, now that we know Jeff is not attending, but still reading, I think we should plan some ice cream outings in his memory. Dolly mentioned that the new place we have found has some 25 flavors. I donít suppose you would want to try them all in one day, (did you read that Jeff?) but we could go back.