You sound like you want a camera to take out backpacking, which means either an older wooden field camera or...well reasonably priced is kind of hard to quantify. Relative to your idea of reasonable. I got really lucky and picked up a Toyo 45A and with the new bellows from Mamiya I have $595 invested in it. You are going to have a hard time finding a metal field camera in good working condition for less. A wooden field camera in good working condition would go for less.


This Wista is about the best deal I could find on eBay in a short search, like I said. Reasonable is relative, and dont forget the lens, film holders, cable release, tripod, dark cloth, loupe, light meter, and more I am sure I am forgetting late at night. I have about $1800 invested right now in my 4X5 setup and that is actually pretty low compared to most. Hope you find a good deal!