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I developed it in Diafine, then fix, bleach, and colour re-develop. (Astia)
Since the standard E-6 1st developer is just a special B&W mix the Diafine news is no surprise.

What is interesting is that, instead of just skipping the reversal step you replaced the reversal step with fix and bleach.

Got lots of fix and I will have lots of bleach shortly.

A couple questions pop into my head.

Why bleach before the color develop?

Which color developer did you use? (C-41 or E-6)

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Anyway, but to me it appears a normal negative without any mask, but with strong colour, I would suggest you could do it, you just would need to sandwich a piece of bleach and fixed C41 film against it (or unexposed, developed, bleached and fixed C41 film) to add with the mask.. or put it in front of the backlight. That'd be a start.
I have played successfully with printing normal black and white films (Delta/HP-5) on RA-4 paper, the filter pack was thick but workable, so I'm not too worried about the orange mask. Using a piece of film as you suggest sounds workable too.