Yes I am a backpacker who would like the option of taking this camera once I learn to use it.

Since making my original post I found a great online explanation of LF lens/shutter installation onto the lens boards. This was an area I was not grasping well until now. Still need plenty of hands-on, but I have some concept of how they work now. Very different from 35mm and MF.

I stopped bidding on a very decent sounding Crown Graphic last night. It had reached $355 when I stopped bidding based on a thread here on APUG that said $369 was way overpriced for a Crown Graphic. The bidding on ebay eventually went to $425. What should a Crown Graphic with Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 135mm f/4.7, good condition bellows, and a Graflok back go for. They seen to be asking around $500 on the "Buy it Now" offers.

I would be interested in a wooden folder. Please send some photos when you have a chance.

Thanks everyone.