Those prices for a Crown Graphic seem high. "Buy it now" prices on ebay are weird. Some are unrealistically low and other realistically high.

It's hard to find a decent wood field camera for less than $400-500; not impossible but difficult. Better ones would cost more. Then add for a lens. So much depends on your budget. And level of urgency - if you're patient you can find a good deal. But you have to be knowledgeable enough to "pounce" on it. It sounds like you're seeking out that knowledge.

A Crown Graphic with Graflock back would be a good starting point. A Super Graphic would be better, but more expensive. As to lenses, I would start with the ubiquitous 127mm Ektar or 135mm Optar. They are a good starter lens: slightly wide on a 4x5, decent, though not exceptional performance (but no room for movements), inexpensive. If you can affort to start with a 135mm Rodenstock or Fuji or Schneider, all the better.

Keep in mind that the Graflex cameras are very old. Unless it's one that's been recently used, recognize that pinholes in the bellows, missing fittings, and a shutter in need of a CLA are all very real possibilities.

One last point. Monorail 4x5s are out of vogue and can be very cheap. IF that works for you, consider that as an alternative.