The lens you use, the camera you use and the enlarger you use will make no impact when trying to make 35mm look like 6x7 or 4x5. It isn't a matter of sharpness: a pinhole 6x7 will have the look while a 35mm shot taken with the most deified cult lens won't.

The only answer I have found is Technical Pan - it really does give a medium/large format look to a print made from 35mm. I think I have tried every other film in the book and have found anything that works as well. It isn't a matter of grain size or resolution, but I think a matter of being able to resolve detail at very small contrast differences; something no microfilm-based uber-resolution film can do.

TP and Technidol are available on ebay (though at scalpers' prices). If you are looking for the MF/LF I have to recommend using only Technidol for developing, I haven't had much joy with other developers.