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thanks for the input everyone. Damn, www.skytoptrading.com, and I tought Luigi's cases were expensive!!! Did I read $850 correctly?

However, having a western style holster for my (thirty)-SIX Shooter would be pretty cool.

And mhcfires, I think your case looks nice, but just not as 'refined' as Zhou or Luigi. I think that a snugger fit, cleaner edges & lines that aren't symmetrical, but more accommodating to the levers/buttons, would take it there. The leather looks great, good color.

I might be interested down the road. I'll let you know!
Thanks. That was my "M" Prototype. I have a nicer one on my M2 at present, it is cleaner, still not fitting right around the strap lugs, but I did finish the edges. I want the thing to not only fit well, but I want the tooled design to look good. To be honest, I did the first one for my IIIa as a lark to see if I could do it. I have that one on my IIIf at present. I'll post pix of the case when I finish it.