A fresh question first, did you rate the film at box speed?

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For good results of a positive, I've found the first dev needs to be hot ~39c like normal, otherwise even with a good b&w neg developed, the positives tend to have an extremely dense base/fog to them on top of the image.
Good info. I have no problem with using the normal 100f or better and I have plenty of Xtol, just need to work out the right times.

Did you per chance start at 3'15" with that hot Xtol?

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For that particular image I think I just used E-6 colour developer, I've used CD-4 on others (C-41), results on E-6 film should be more or less the same, I've developed colour slides using Xtol as the first dev (40c), with C-41 as the colour developer, and the colours were fairly accurate then too.
I've got the C-41 developer so I'll be starting there. Life will be simpler if I can avoid E-6 specific chems.

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works like this:
B&W first dev to make silver neg.
Fix to remove remaining silver halide, leaves only b&w neg.
Bleach to convert developed silver back to silver halides, which just leaves a negative image 'mask' of undeveloped silver halide.
Exposure of silver halide to light to make it easily developable.
Colour Developer to re-develop the negative image and form a colour negative.
Bleach to convert again silver back to silver halide
Fix to remove silver halide to leave no image apart from the colour dye.

You can skip the last 2 steps for a bleach-bypass effect.
I assume that normal times for the ancillary processes are sufficient, is that correct?