Aardenburg Imaging & Archives is a great resource for information on inkjet image permanence. They are testing lots of combinations of printers, papers and inks that no one else will test. They are not supported by the big three inkjet manufactures. It was founded by Mark McCormick-Goodhart who has worked with Wilhelm. He is doing some of the most comprehensive testing in the world and he is also doing real world testing in addition to accelerated life testing. Since his company does not have the corporate support it is primarily supported by its members. For just $25 a year you can get full access to his large database of inkjet longevity and educational material in addition to helping him continue and expand his work.

I strongly believe in the work that AaI&A performs and I want to help increase their membership which gives you full access to their large growing database of print longevity for a variety of inkjet printers, inks and papers. If you purchase $100 from Frame Destination this month not only will we give you a FREE annual AaI&A membership worth $25 but we will also give you 10% Off your order! Just use website coupon code AP797 (expires Apr 30th, 2010)