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About wall mounting, my darkroom is in the basement. Is this ok to mount to simple studs in the wall? Or do I need more bracing?
Beseler makes a wall mount kit which I have not used. I think it has a metal receptacle for the bottom of the column that bolts to the wall (so you might need cross bracing between the studs). The wall mount kit also serves as a spacer to position the column out from the wall so that the carriage crank has enough clearance.

With a wall mount, you could make a drop table by screwing wood strips to the sides of two cabinets at various intervals so that your most common enlargement size is at a comfortable height and larger prints are done with the baseboard dropped closer to the floor. That is handy if you have low ceilings in your basement. You do want to make sure that you have ceiling clearance for the center post.