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All the Beselers are good enough. But the CB-7 is really old precursor to the 45MXT so getting one in good shape might be hard.

The VXL is all mechanical and a new one is unlike to wear out in a lifetime of personal use. It is built like a tank and meant to be put someplace and never moved. My only complaint is that alignment is not more elegant. The 4x5 Negaflat carrier is a great piece of equipment also.
After reading comments at Glenview, I compared the 45MXT to the CB-7 and there is a world of difference. The 45MXT negative stage is very similar to the original 45M whereas, the CB-7 is rock solid, made totally different. The lower half of the negative stage doesn't move when you open up to insert negative carrier. This result is less play and better alignment.

I picked up a CB-7 and a 45MXT from a professional photographer, both in excellent condition. For me, this will be a nice upgrade from my really old 45M purchase used 25 years ago. Like most expensive enlargers, they are mainly owned by professionals or advanced armatures, have been carefully used, and donít wear out easily.

I am looking for an affordable Negaflat, everyone that owns one seem to like it.