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Also, I just checked out the Beseler 23CIII-XL. It's not a 4x5 enlarger, but it would certainly be a cheaper option. The dichro head looks kind of strange though. I could also sell my Beseler 45s head to help fund this enlarger. The VXL would be ideal though, not sure I have the space though.
If your 45 is the one with the struts out front, just get a newer version where the moved the struts to the rear. My first 45M has the struts out front although I did build a wood version of the Beseler table and in using it, never had a problem with up to 20x24 prints

Or, just build a table or bench that is lower to allow the VXL height yet, has a movable table to bring the easel to a normal working height. Sort of like the really big commercial enlargers that stand on the floor.