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You could take it in other directions, though. I think hybridphoto got off to a rocky start and people (like myself) who tried to contribute there really got tired of the same old questions over and over: which scanner should I buy? what's the best scanner?
Agreed. I actually think it's a cool thing they are doing over there with the alternative processes, but one that I'm not in the position to participate in as of now.

However, a lot of people I interact with on the internet DO want to shoot (some) film, want to scan, but don't know where to start. A couple of FAQs might help them out, even if it is here on APUG. A sticky posting in a forum, with a link to a FAQ over at Hybrid photo might do a lot to alleviate problems, both here and there. A FAQ could include an overview of good scanners for 35mm and other formats, as long as some pointers to using Vuescan, etc.

I spend some time on one of the mostly digital forums, strictly as a film user, and often try to help field questions about film usage. People are interested, but are sometimes are a bit put off by APUG.