Up for sale are my Kenko Vernier Circular Polarizers (C-PL(W)), finder and hot shoe adaptor.
Polarizers are 55mm (used a couple of times), 72mm (unused, sealed) and vernier viewfinder. Also available is a hot shoe adaptor that mounts on the camera hot shoe and allows three hot shoe items to be mounted. This is useful if you use a rangefinder camera with an auxilliary finder as it allows you to mount both the camera and vernier finder at the same time (the foot on the adaptor can be moved to left, right or center position with an allen key.

Vernier polarizers are used with rangefinder cameras where you cannot see the effect of rotating the filter. With this setup, you mount the filter on the lens and the finder on the camera's hot shoe. After focussing, look through the finder and rotate the finder's filter to achieve the desired effect, read the number from the scale on the finder, then dial in the same number on the filter on the lens, the effect will now be duplicated. Compse and shoot. This sound way more complicated than it actually is, I used this on a Connonet and Fuji GA645Zi.

Asking $35 for the 55mm, $65 for the 72mm, $40 for the finder, and $8 for the adaptor, prices include paypal and shipping to the continental 48. Buy them all for $120, shipping and paypal included. If you need a step-up ring for the 55, I have a 52-55 I can include for free.
These are not easy to find, I purchased from Robert White in the UK and new, with shipping they cost about $200.
I am new to this forum, but have 100% positive feedback on FM forum (mehdit) and ebay (mehdi_t)
thanks for looking