I sold my DA900 on ebay to a guy in Italy who already had one, but his was seriously messed up... so when we discovered that the column exceeds the USPS shipping limits, it wasn't the end of the world when I took that off and sent him everything else. He'll put my head on his column and be very happy.

But now I have this perfectly good DA900 column sitting here. Seems a shame to throw it out. Someone could probably use it, right? The catch is you have to be in the US (or fly here and carry it back with you on an airplane or something :-) ) because it simply can't be shipped out of the country by normal means.

So if you'll pay my exact UPS shipping costs, it's yours. Shouldn't even be $20 I would think. But I'll send it and tell you how much it was and then when you get it, send me a check or money order or paypal or whatever.

OK, don't all rush forward at once...