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In your view, Tim, how could APUG be more welcoming to newcomers to film?


And there are only a few scanners and two or three decent software packages on the market anyway, for crying out loud.
I do think APUG should stay all analog, for the most part. A simple page discussing scanners and some walk throughs on software would be helpful to some new users. This could even be on Hybridphoto, and just linked to from here. It would probably save a lot of people effort from retyping replies to those questions if you could just reply with a link.

It's a particularly touchy subject when it comes to color. I don't shoot much color, but I do it sometimes. One only has to look in the color subforum to see how confusing it is to even get the right chemicals at home to develop it. Then, if you are interested in printing, sheet paper seems to be going away. I hate to be a pessimist, but if we want to encourage color film usage, I fear we will have to accept the scanning workflow soon.

I agree with you. It doesn't take much research to find the 3 affordable and good scanners on the market (some of which I'm not even sure they make now). Likewise with scanning software. I managed to figure it out with a couple hours of poking about. But, a lot of people don't 'get' this stuff as easily, and putting up some pointers might encourage more usage. Again, it could and probably should be on hybridphoto, but that doesn't mean we can't link to it and put a sticky. But I do know that if I posted a link to my writeup on how to scan B&W with Vuescan, I'd get knocked for it.