I just picked up a Pentax ME-Super at a roadside rummage sale. I paid $20 for it. It's got a Pentax 50mm ƒ1.7 lens.

I looked through it and the viewfinder was clear and the lens was good but the camera didn't work. All I really wanted was the lens. I figured I could toss the camera out and I would still be getting a good deal for the lens.

I brought it home and fussed around with it. I put a new set of batteries in it and, surprisingly it works. However, it does have one problem: When you rewind the camera the shutter doesn't always cock.

If you flip the rewind lever quickly and let it return, the shutter will cock about 30% of the time.

If you SLOWLY turn the rewind lever and SLOWLY let it return, the shutter will cock about 50% of the time.

If you slowly turn the rewind lever, let the lever return about half way then gently try to cock it again, it will "catch" and the shutter will cock about 90% of the time.

Originally, I was going to keep the lens and toss the camera but it seems to me that this could be a repairable problem. I'd love to have this as a "beater" camera that I could take with me to places where it might get dirty or damaged and I wouldn't have to worry about losing a good camera.

If I took the base plate off the camera and carefully fiddled around inside, is there a chance for me to get this camera working correctly again?

The way I look at it, I've got almost nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus, I'd be able to learn a little about camera repair regardless of the way the project turned out.

Any ideas?