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Rewind lever? You mean the wind lever.
Yes. The wind lever.
Would you settle for "frame advance?"

I have operated the camera with the back open just to see what's going on.

When you operate the lever you can see the shutter curtain move upward and cock and it stays cocked. The shutter does not "misfire" nor does it return to the uncocked position upon releasing the lever.

If the camera functions properly you will hear a subtle "click" sound as you return the lever to the home position. If the camera does NOT function properly you will not hear this "click." When it malfunctions, pressing the shutter release button has no effect. It is as if you never advanced the lever in the first place except that you HAVE moved the film to the next frame.

If you advance the lever one more time, the film will advance. If the camera keeps malfucntioning, this cycle will repeat. You have just wasted another frame of film.

If you advance the lever and let it return about 1/2 or 2/3 of the way home then stop for a second and advance the lever one more time, you can get it to "catch" and you will hear that "click" sound. When this happens, the camera will function normally.

I'm just wondering if there is a piece of dust or dirt inside the mechanism somewhere or if the judicious application of one or two drops of light oil from a pinpoint oil applicator will solve this problem.

I might like to have the camera repaired but, as said above, I want to make up my mind if I like using it enough to spend the money. I was just thinking that a quick fix might get it going well enough for me to decide.