Where do you find your used gear? I am UK based and everything I found on the web seems much dearer than you have stated.

This thread ignited my blue touch paper and so have been researching the idea of getting a JOBO-something to do my 4x5 and 120 trannies. Whilst I am sure that a CPE would do the job, I am also looking at other models in their range.

I shoot 2 sheets at same exposure and then compensate the second sheet having processed first normally. I would need to have a processor where I could guarantee consistency to sort out my occasionally dodgy metering. I am prepared to spend more if this means getting a more capable machine, especially if programmable and I can walk away! It seems that there are some ATL2000 at around 450, but these are massive and the single ATL1500 I found is just under 2000 used.

Currently I pay 2.35 normal and 2.75 per sheet at my local lab (excluding petrol+ postage) and so I would soon expect to have covered the cost of the equipment. They also say that the E6 line has been quiet of late, so am worried that this Lab may well decide to cease this service if it gets any quieter.

I am happy and adept at processing B+W but have virtually zero knowledge of E6. I now have some pdfs to read to get up to speed. However this doesn't gain me the practical advice of those who have used the machines regularly. So if anyone can help me on my way, I would gratefully accept advice.