The Nikon FE2 is an excellent camera, however you may find you'll need to replace the light seals unless they've already been changed, as this camera ceased production in about 1987. It will offer you aperture priority and manual control.

You may like to consider the FM2n as well. This is manual only, and therefore fully mechanical and will operate without any batteries - apart from the meter. Nikon stopped production in about 2001, and replaced it with the FM3a. Any of these three models are very reliable indeed.

I don't know if your lenses are Nikkor's or another manufacturer, although there are various decent independent lenses available from the likes of Tamron, Tokina or Sigma which will cost a little less than the Nikon equivalents.

For me personally, I prefer prime lenses but other photographers may prefer to choose a wide angle zoom - something like a 24-50mm, however these don't generally have the maximum aperture of a fixed lens such as the one you're considering.

Like yourself, I prefer manual equipment and you won't go wrong with the FE2 if this is the model you decide to buy.