The Wisner 4x5, Ebony SV45U2 and Carbon Infinity, all using a bag bellows, will all allow use of the 90mm S-A XL with full movements. Of these, the Ebony requires removing part or all of the rear element to clear the opening in the front standard; the Wisner and the Carbon Infinity will accept the rear element with no problems.

If you look on the Ebony site, you can see where at least some of the non-folding SW series cameras that have fixed bellows will also allow use of this lens. I have a WIDE45, which predates the SW45, that allows full movements with the 90 XL even with its fixed pleated bellows and 100mm back extension.

Usually, I prefer removing the rear section of the rear element housing rather than removing the entire rear element to mount the lens on the Ebony cameras. This reduces the diameter from 86mm to 78mm, which is small enough to allow the main body of the rear element to pass through the circular opening of the front standard.