If you like manual and focusing, why not save some money and go for the FE or even the FM. I have both; great cameras. I don't know what benefit the FE2 would bring. Light seals seem to be an issue with all these cameras. The originals are getting soft and turn into goo. I had good success in cleaning it out with lighter fluid and just leave them out, but I undersand, they can be replaced.

As far as lenses goes, that depends much on personal preference.

Wide: Nikkor 24 f2.8 (good choice, I like mine a lot)
Normal: Nikkor 50 f1.8 (go for the f/1.4, more money but still 52mm filter thread)
Zoom: Nikkor 80-200 f4 (not my thing)

I would add the Nikkor 85 f/2, a standard for beauty and portrait (other prefer the 105mm instead, and maybe a small zoom (you get the 35-70 for dirt and it is the lightest zoom I know, and great for travel).

You should get this all for around $500, and if not, get a piece or two later. It's always fun to add something to the kit lare on. Getting it all at once concentrates the fun, getting it piece by piece, spreads it out and allows you to get more familiar with every single item.