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As much as I love my Rolleicord I really do need to get myself an SLR for family shots and less serious stuff. Have been using Nikon as 135 all my life and see no reason to change now. I've given myself a budget around $500 and would like a good body, a wide, a normal and a zoom. Am in no hurry as money is still being saved, so to speak.

On KEH I have my eyes on the following line-up

Camera: Nikon FE2
Wide: Nikkor 24 f2.8
Normal: Nikkor 50 f1.8
Zoom: Nikkor 80-200 f4

I figured if I stay manual focus I can afford better lenses and I just plain like focusing. I'm weird that way. This would be about $550 including shipping.

Anyone wiser than me having any comments on this. Is there a better bargain to be had with other body/lenses?

Awaiting comments this gray, bleak April Sunday morning when the spring seem to have retreated back to the warmer places. It's 3 degrees C outside and I have taken all the pictures of snow I need for a long time. Would be nice to try some Velvia. But you need colors for that. Sigh!


Pretty good kit my suggestion sub the 80-200 F4 lens with the 105 f2.5 and 200 f4 and you got the perfect SLR kit.