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oneworld3 just had an auction for this finish with a Buy it Now. He has two auctions going right now, one with a Buy it Now of $530 and the other has no reserve.

I am wondering what you would use to enlarge this for silver printing. Can you get a 6x17 negative holder for your 8x10 enlarger? I think it is too wide by 5mm for my 4x5 Saunders.

John Powers
It might work with the proper lens. If you consider the image circle has to include the corners of the 4x5 then 2.5mm extension on either side would still be inside the image circle once centered. You could find a 6x9 holder and have a machine shop cut the ends of the hole to make a 6x17 of it. A little tracing on a sheet of paper will tell the story for you.