I have more Nikon bodies/lenses/acc from just about every "era" and just wanted to give you my 2 cents - even though I have a truck load I continually buy more of them when I see fantastic deals - Heck I give them to people that are interested in photography sometimes. I have a knack for picking up pristine examples for a song as I just did for one of my daughters (black paint FM that looks and operates as If it never had a roll of film through it)

Here is a pic.

I would suggest an FM or FM2 if you want that style body vs an FE/FE2, not that the FE are bad but because some of them develop issues in their electronics (more than some) - the FM and esp FM2 are in far greater demand and you can turn them around very quickly and has been mentioned they will work w/o battery.

The only real advantage of the FM2/FE2 are that they are newer - have a higher top shutter speed - and a 1/250 flash sync speed but I would not buy these for on camera or for automatic flash control I would go for a new style camera instead if you are a heavy auto flash user.

If you want small get the FM/FM2 - if you want aperture priority auto - get the F3 instead of the FE series - lots and lots focusing screen options/finders/etc. They are not that much bigger/heavier really.

The other consideration is NON-AI lenses - of course you can have them "AI'd" but the FM/FE and F3 can all mount NON-AI lenses the FM2/FE2 cannot because the prior have a flip up AI interface the latter do not.

All that being said if you are considering a "newer" modern style camera go for the F100 or even the F5 - the F100 is smaller (about the same size as the F90/N90). The N90 is plasticy the F100 is build like a brick - all metal and has most of the stuff the F5 has. Great flash control - Flip up AI prong - can mount ANY lens new or old - can use G lenses just like the D3 - the controls are just like the new pro digital bodies AND.... THEY GO FOR A SONG - less than the FM2 bodies. They are real machines but not retro looking.


Ps. I have all this stuff and may be willing to part with any of them if it is mutually beneficial.