Last gathering Peter Spangenberg performed an excellent platinum printing demonstration that was gratefully applauded by those attending. The pictures had the added interest of being from his trip to China. If someone would like to do a demonstration of something to do with our hobby it would be greatly appreciated. I want to apologize to Dale Marsh who offered to do a lith printing presentation this event. Because our house is serviced by a well and a somewhat fragile septic system, Dolly and I were afraid we might end up being thoroughly toned, inside and out. We would be most happy to drive up the street to your house and see it there.

We are open to any volunteers or suggestions. If you have an idea that needs some support from our end please suggest the idea and we can attempt to work out the details. For those who have not been here before, we have an 11x13 foot B&W darkroom in the basement with electricity, ventilation and plumbing. At an earlier event Nicholas Lindan used the darkroom to show his company Darkroom Automation’s F-stop timer. This was so well received that over time at least half of the regulars, maybe more, have bought and happily put one to use.

At another event we had a show and tell of LF cameras lined up between the house and the pond. Then several shooters spread out about the edges of the pond (100’x 200’) to take pictures. Dorothy Kloss’ efforts to be artistic were being frustrated by a stubborn resident bush which was quickly chainsawed into sawdust. Bill Schwab brought his trailer and entertained us with the ever portable wet plate process.

Make a suggestion and let’s see if we can make it happen.