I acquired this lens by some means from someone and I don't know what mount it is or what type of camera it goes with.

It has Auto Exposure functionality, and a maximum F stop of F3.5-4.5. It's a Quantaray 28-80mm zoom with macro down to 1:5 reproduction.

The threaded filter ring is dented, so I don't think you'll be able to get filters onto it. The front glass has some light scratches in it, though I don't think they're deep enough to effect picture quality. The rubber ring around the lens has stretched and no longer seats perfectly so it moves around.

I do not know what mount it takes. The mount is unlike any I've seen with my limited experience. There is a separate ring on the rear of the lens, as if tabs poke out from the camera and then the ring on the lens rotates to lock them in. If anyone knows what mount this is, feel free to enlighten me.

That being said, it's yours for the cost of shipping/packing.