I'm a little late to the party but I just came across this in B and H's used section:

Saunders 8x10" Professional Multi-Print Enlarging Easel Mfr # 155031


"With this easel, you can produce multiple images on a single sheet of 8x10" paper. It's light-tight so focusing, cropping, or changing negatives or filter settings are easily done under a dim white light (25W max). Comes with masks for making two 5x7", four 4x5", four 31/2x5", eight 21/2x31/2"(wallet-size) prints (all with borders). Leave the mask off to print a single 8x10". Click-stop control knobs position the paper on a moving carriage for each consecutive exposure.

Multiple prints on a single sheet without moving the easel
Easel remains stationary while paper carrier moves
Accepts standard 8x10" paper and comes complete with a full set of light-tight hinged cup masks
Cups are recessed to the focal plane to permit accurate focusing withthe paper in the easel
Prints (8) wallets, (4) 31/2x5", (2) 5x7", (1) 8x10" all with borders

It sounds like something the OP was looking for.