I've never purchased from KEH. But, besides the mark on the crank handle, it looks flawless. The original finder is missing a tiny bit of paint on the edges, but the camera is not anywhere. I talked to the previous owner for a bit about the camera and it seemed like he never used it. He sounded like one of those guys who buys camera gear and just lets it sit - he was telling me that he had a Mamayi 7 kit that he had purchased new and never used yet.

It was just sent in for a CLA like I said. All the functions work perfectly as far as I can tell. The negative spacing is indeed uniform, the shutter speeds appear correct, etc.

I think it is a 1983 or 84 model. I can look at the serial when I get home. Whichever it is, it is within a couple of years after when Hasselblad switched to Prontor CF lenses. It is NOT an upgraded SWC/M; it came from the factory that way.