Thanks, ChrisW, Chris and Dennis! I am definitely interested in the 2D trade and maybe the Rajah if that doesn't work out. Can either of you measure what you have and PM me with the size (and other particulars, like what you might want for it...) I have lots of old camera gear like an old Speed for parts (spring back, no shutter at all, it's been scavenged,) a 2x3 knock-off press camera, two 9x12 and a 6x9 plate cameras and assorted others. I also have the folding track (not the extension track, but the one hinged on the end, that folds up in front of the lens on an 8x10 2D, if that is any use to you, Chris, and the odd barrel lens or two sitting around that might interest someone. I may be able to come up with whatever you're looking for - even cash, Dennis, if you can put a price on it. Oh, and I have more than a dozen Duaflex and Ansco tlr's. (yes, I am a junk collector...)

The custom made version is undoubtedly beyond my financial means right now, ChrisW. I could possibly build my own but, in addition to being cheap, I'm kinda lazy.